2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift

Hyundai i40 Facelift (2015): Introduction

2015 Hyundai i40 completely refreshed. Hyundai i40 be revised mid-size model. Besides a new dual-clutch transmission, there are efficient engines and new assistance systems.


2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift

Since its launch in July 2011, has Hyundai i40 sold nearly 100,000 copies in Europe. The model 2015 revised Hyundai his mid-size sedan and the corresponding combination . Whether changes in the prices somewhat, therefore, Hyundai has not yet been said. So far, the Hyundai i40 launched as a sedan with manual transmission 1.6 GDi petrol engine at 23,040 euros. The combination begins with the same drive at 23,940 euros. Visually, the designers have transformed the Hexagonalgrill. In addition, the headlight layout has been adjusted. New alloy wheels in 16 and 18 inches to refresh the page game. The interior has been enhanced with new materials on the steering wheel, shift lever and armrests. In addition, a new leather interior in Russet is available.

2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift

New dual-clutch gearbox with seven speeds

First is the i40 a newly developed 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) is available. According to Hyundai, the circuit operates faster, more comfortable and without interruption of tractive force – if necessary via shift paddles on the steering wheel. Additional agility is to allow the system “Advanced Traction Control Cornering” (ATCC). ATCC mimics a differential lock to improve traction during cornering. For the i40 combi also a new electronic damper control is available on the rear axle, which offers the driver the ability to adjust the suspension set his preferences.

2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift

New Bi-Xenon headlamps are designed to provide a brighter and clearer illumination. In addition, Hyundai i40 2015 offers for the first time in a Highbeam Assist and a traffic sign recognition. For the i40 facelift Hyundai offers two new audio systems. The standard system is an evolution from the current model. What is new is the monochrome TFT-LCD technology. Optionally an audio system with 4.3-inch TFT-engine, listening to digital radio and reversing camera. In addition, a modified navigation system with 7-inch TFT color touch screen is available, it should be possible to better operate and read thanks to a new 3D display mode. Current vehicle information and safety are displayed on a new high-resolution TFT-LCD display. The boot access is performed for the first time on request via a power liftgate. Especially handy: the driver approaches with the key in his pocket specifically the rear of the vehicle, the trunk lid opens automatically. For more order in the luggage compartment to ensure that enable the use of variable luggage separator two bottom rails.

2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift

Less power for the top petrol

In actuators Hyundai has made the best-selling engine and the 1.7 CRDi amplified from 136 to 141. The torque increases by 330 to 340 Newton meters. In addition, the maximum torque is already now at 1750 instead of only at 2000 rpm. Also in the weaker performance level of 1.7 CRDi has been revised. With 115 hp power remained unchanged, but the maximum torque increased from 260 to 280 Newton meters. Curious: The 2.0-GDi petrol engine of the revised 165 instead of 178 hp. The aim, according to Hyundai alongside efficiency have improved the handling characteristics in everyday life. The maximum torque decreased slightly from 213 to 204 Newton meters, it remains unchanged at 4700 revolutions per minute.

2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift 2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift 2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift 2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift


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